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Video:Popular Personality Tests for Job Search

with Milo De Prieto

Personality tests give you an idea of your strengths, dynamics, and leanings to help hone in on what career you might want. In this job search video from About.com, learn about the 5 major kinds of personality tests and what they test for.See Transcript

Transcript:Popular Personality Tests for Job Search

Hello I'm Milo for About.com and today we're talking about popular personality tests that you can use to help you focus your job search endeavors.

Kinds of Personality Tests and How They're Used

Personality tests are used by counselors and career coaches to give give you some ideas of typical strengths, interests, dynamics, and leanings you might have to help you hone your thinking in what you might want to do.

For instance, you might find that while you enjoy a particular topic like math, that your mind might be the more exploratory type not so suitable for crunching numbers on a spread sheet but using math in scientific discoveries.

The same might go for literature, a writer's skill set may differ greatly from a teacher's or professors. The results are in no way set in stone but are just meant to give you an inkling and a place to start from. Here are 5 types of tests and their descriptions as found on our guide site.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests measure your abilities. The test writers attempt to measure specific or discrete abilities that they have noted and then give a scale of achievement on each one. Employers may use these for certain kinds of jobs where the skill sets are more easily defined such as piloting a plane or a specific computer program. Check out our guide site for examples and even a circus aptitude test.

Career Tests

Career Tests are used to provide an indication of which jobs match your personality type and which careers you have an aptitude for. You can take a quick test online and get immediate results or take more extensive (and professional) tests to determine which careers might interest you.

Intelligence (IQ) Tests

Intelligence tests measure your intellectual functioning, or in plain language, how smart you are. They are designed to measure an individual's mental skills.


Inventories are checklists that you can use to identify factors that you relate to and those that you don't. They measure how your interests match those of other people employed in certain occupations.

Personality Tests

Actual personality tests and other psychological tests measure your personal characteristics, your emotional makeup and your stability. Check our guide's directory of Online Personality Tests to get a sense of these.

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