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Video:Office Fashion Dos and Don'ts

with Jonathon Stewart

Does your office style border on the wild side, or are you the picture of professionalism? No matter how casual your office is, some things you just shouldn't wear to work. Find out the dos and don'ts of dressing for work.See Transcript

Transcript:Office Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for So, you've got a job - if you're lucky, it's one that allows you to wear whatever you want to work. But, for the scores of millions of Americans who punch a card at the office, attire is not usually quite so laid back. (Unless you work at Google.) Try these office dos and don'ts on for size, and you're guaranteed to look your best, without getting fired. Check it out.

Check Company Dress Code

Before you put anything on, it's probably best to check out your company-specific dress code. A good number of offices are business casual, but rules can vary, so before you get into a tangle with a supervisor, be sure you know the company line. Which hopefully is something like, "Heck, every day's Friday here!" Oh wait, that was a restaurant I once worked in. Hm.

Office Fashion Don'ts

As a general rule, avoiding the following is probably best: sweat pants, sneakers, t-shirts, sloppy items like ripped jeans, revealing items like spaghetti straps, strapless tops, or tank tops, flip flops, cheap suits, or anything polyester. You should probably also avoid baseball hats and bandanas, or any combination thereof.

Classically Accepted Office Atire

Instead, stick to cleaned and pressed pants and button down shirts, skirts no shorter than just above-the-knee, v-neck sweaters, shoes that cover both your heel and toes, and camisoles - as long as they're in good taste and worn under a jacket. For women, that is. I personally never look great in a camisole. Jeans are somewhere on the middle ground - if you do opt for them, make sure they're straight-legged, dark, and absent any "wear lines" or other markings. Many companies only allow jeans on casual Friday - just remember, casual Friday in any company does not equal Slobby McSlobberson Friday.

Stay Polished and Professional in the Office

It's also best to avoid wearing any strongly scented perfume or cologne, unless your office is in Paris. As for facial hair, it's generally discouraged in the office, but if you insist on a stash or a beard, make sure they are neatly trimmed, and make you distinguished.

Alright... I'm shavin' it. Thanks for watching - to learn more, visit us on the Web at
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