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Video:LinkedIn Etiquette for a Job Search

with Christopher Berrien

LinkedIn is a great asset when searching for a job, however there is some polite protocol that will make your job search more effective. Learn about LinkedIn Etiquette in this video from Transcript

Transcript:LinkedIn Etiquette for a Job Search

Hi, this is Christopher Berrien for, and today we're going to talk about what is LinkedIn Etiquette for a job search.

Asking for Recommendations on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is arguably the most important business-focused social network in the world, claiming over 175 million users by mid-2012. Yet, there are many users who don't know how to use it effectively or politely. Getting recommendations from co-workers and colleagues helps make you visible on LinkedIn. However, you should not ask for a recommendation from someone who doesn't know you or is connected to you in the vaguest possible way. LinkedIn gains value from personal associations, and random recommendations weakens the system - and makes you look bad.

Also, try to avoid asking for recommendations from someone that you haven't worked with for many years. That person probably can't vouch for your current skills set, and might see it as an imposition if asked to do so.

A better solution might be to ask someone you do know well on LinkedIn to facilitate a third-party introduction. This uses the system as intended, and reassures a distant contact or stranger that you're on the level.

Making Connections on LinkedIn

When requesting to make a connection, don't just settle for the pre-written note that you'd like to make a connection. Instead, make sure you personalize it. Explain politely who you are and why you're requesting that connection, and if relevant, how you know that person. You'll find your request will be less likely to be ignored.

Joining LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a great place to network and share ideas with like-minded users. Do not use it as an arena to spam or only engage in self-promotion. Use the groups as intended: to build contacts and exchange tips for success. And be sure to join groups appropriate to your interests and business. If you post a lot on other social media, you'll probably want to avoid connecting that to your LinkedIn account. Frequent daily updates on LinkedIn are seen as annoying, and even verging on spam.

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