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Video:How to Write a Resume

with Milo De Prieto

Writing a resume can be daunting. How do you sell yourself and land the job? In this how-to video from, learn how write a resume that will land you the job!See Transcript

Transcript:How to Write a Resume

Hello, I'm Milo for and today we're talking about how to write a resume. These tips come from our outstanding site on Job Searching and you should check there for more detailed information.

Let Your Experience and Message Determine the Length of Your Resume

There is a misconception that resumes need to be only one page. This is not true at all. The rule is that the length should be appropriate for you and your experience. Avoid fluff, fillers, and layouts that add too much dead, white space.

Use Your Resume to Position Yourself

The person who reads your resume, will first scan it quickly seeing what you have to offer and if it fits their needs. Your message should be clear and concise with a tailored objective statement right off the bat. The rest of the information should flow from there, sending that initial sales pitch home. The resume is your professional profile, and each piece should reinforce how you will meet the employer's needs.

Begin with an Objective Statement

Check out our other video and in depth information on our site on this topic, but the point is that this is essential. Whether your resume is for general distribution of you are tweaking it for a specific position, your objective statement sets the tone for the whole document. It is your first impression, keep it simple, dynamic, and to the point.

Be Specific in Your Achievements

When mentioning achievements, make sure to say specifically how you accomplished something. The specific information sets you apart from vague pronouncements that are hard for readers to gauge. Unclear achievements don't help you at all. They just muddy your profile.

Mention Achievements with Responsibilities

Mentioning what you were responsible for THEN what results you achieved specifically really helps to sell your skills. Otherwise you sound like you just showed up for work. Tell the reader how you added value to your job.

Make the Resume Easy to Read

Check and have someone else double check your sentence structure and the flow of your text. It should be an easy and delightful read. The layout is also important, tight, small print is uninviting and tiresome.

Check for Irrelevant Details

Again, even though you might like the length or mentioning your hobbies sounds great to you, it can be a burden for hiring managers to have to sift through. Remember to keep your objective front and center throughout the resume, trimming off peripheral items that don't add to the profile you are selling.

Don't be overly Modest

Don't err on the side of caution and be too modest. This is an opportunity to list your strengths and achievement in a straightforward and honest manner. It is what is expected. Selling yourself short tells readers that that is all you have to offer.

Proof Many Times Over

There must not be any typos period.Prepare an Internet Ready Version. It is not uncommon to have a version ready for the internet, either actually online such as on your own professional website, or in one of the many networking social media platforms.

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