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Video:How to Send a Resume and Cover Letter By Email

with Brian Smith

Many companies that are hiring people these days will ask you to submit your resume via email. This video will go over the basics of submitting a cover letter and resume by email.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Send a Resume and Cover Letter By Email

Hello, my name's Brian Smith and today we're learning how to send a resume and cover letter by email.

When applying to jobs on the internet, they will most likely ask you to send a resume and cover letter by email.

Make Sure You Include the Proper Documents in Email

Before sending anything, read through the job postings to see what documents they want you to send and in what format. Every job is different. You should write and proofread your resume and cover letter in a word application such as Microsoft Word. Export your files with a professional file name such as "Brian Smith Resume - November 2012." Adding a date to your file name is a great idea because it will help you keep track of which resume is the most recently updated.

Send Yourself a Test Email

Once you have exported your files out of your word processor application. Send a test email to yourself with your resume and cover letter as attachments. After your test email, you're ready to send your resume and cover letter to your employer. The subject of your email should be brief and to the point. Something as simple as your full name and job title should be perfect.

Info to Include With Resume and Cover Letter

When addressing your hiring manager in your email, it's important to include some information in the body of your email for your employer to read. Don't reiterate your entire cover letter, but it's important to include who you are and how you found out about the job. Now attach your resume and cover letter to your email. Double check to make sure they're attached because you want to avoid the embarrassment of having to attach them again.

Finally, proofread your email, including the person's email address, subject and body of the email to make sure you didn't make any grammatical or format errors. Now send your email and good luck!

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