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Video:How to Prepare for a Career Fair

with MacKenzie Lawyer Davies

A career fair can seem overwhelming, but if you prepare for the opportunity you can make a great impression to potential employers and maybe even land a job. Watch this how-to video from to learn how to prepare for a career fair.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Prepare for a Career Fair

Hi, I'm McKenzie Lawyer Davies, and in this video, we'll discuss how to prepare for a career fair. A career fair can seem like a crazy place especially if it’s your first time. But with the right preparation, you can make a great impression and maybe even land a job.  Here are some ways to prepare for a career fair.

Research Before Attending Career Fairs

Research is the best preparation and your doing that now by watching this video. You also want to research the career fair that you are planning to attend. If possible, find out which employers will be there and find any information you can on the ones that you would like to talk to. Employers like the idea that you came to the fair for them so talk about their company and mention some things about the company that you read on their website.

Arrive Early to Career Fairs

Before heading to the career fair, make sure you have a good idea how to get there and where to park. Getting lost on the way only to find that there aren’t any more parking spots is not the frustration you need to begin your day. It’s actually a great idea to arrive 10 or fifteen minutes early as it will give you time to think things over before it begins and you might be able to talk to some employers before they get too busy.

Dress Professionally for Career Fairs

What materials you bring and how you access them is also important. Have your resume and any other materials you might need to give out in your hands and ready to give to anyone you can.

Make sure you are properly dressed for the type of employer that you are looking for. Don’t overlook the name badge either. A great impression won’t help if they can’t remember your name.

Prepare Answers and Questions for Employers

It can be helpful to think of questions you can ask a possible employer but don’t overlook thinking about your answers. In other words, practice giving answers to questions that you anticipate them asking. If someone asks a great question that you aren’t ready for, keep it in mind and think about how you would answer it before moving to the next employer.

If you are naturally shy or nervous in these types of situations, it might help to think about what you are learning instead of focusing on getting a job. In fact, a lot can be gained if your only goal is to talk to as many people as you can instead of making the goal of landing a job.

All of this preparation will help you have a great attitude, which can often be the deciding factor for an employer. Make sure you bring your best smile, say thank you, and try to enjoy yourself.

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