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Video:How to Fill Out a Job Application Form

with Taylor Tracy

Filling out a job application form can be very easy, as long as you follow a few important rules. Learn how to fill out a job application form properly with this video.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fill Out a Job Application Form

Hi I'm Taylor with and today I will be showing you how to complete a job application form, any additional materials you may need, and some tips on how to use proper handwriting. I will be using the instructions from's Job Search site.

Include References When Filling Out a Job Application

It's very important that your application is correct, accurate, and complete. Since you're going to be asked about your previous education and employment history, take the time to find out any names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of employment before filling out the application. Have at least three references available. Make sure you have their permission before using them as a reference. These people can be teachers, members of an organization you have volunteered for, or previous employers. Don't use family members, though.

Fill Out a Job Application With Personal Information

Using blue or black ink, fill out your personal information like your name, address, and phone number. When writing, leave enough space between each letter so the words are easily legible. Be conscious of how much space you are given, so don't write too big or too small. In the education section, write down your most recent year of education first. Include vocational school and training programs as well as college and high school. Write down your major, along with degrees or diplomas that you've earned and graduation dates. When filling out the "Position Applied For" information, write down the title of the job you're applying for. Fill out the hours and days you are available to work. Keep in mind these are the hours you're available, not already committed to, to things such as school, extracurricular activities or another job.

Include Employment History When Filling Out a Job Application

Using the information you gathered previously to fill out the "Employment History" section. Include names, addresses, and phone numbers of previous employers, supervisor names, dates of employment, and salary. If there was a reason you left or were asked to leave, include that too. Be honest, that's what they're looking for. Write down the information required for your references. This is typically their name, address, and phone number. Before turning it in, proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure all information is correct and sign your application. Don't forget to attach your resume if it was requested.

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