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Video:Extended Unemployment Benefits

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Extended unemployment benefits are often available to some people who have run out of their regular unemployment benefits. This video will provide guidance on how to find out if you're eligible for extended unemployment benefits.See Transcript

Transcript:Extended Unemployment Benefits

Hello, today at About.com we are talking about extended unemployment benefits. 

Reasons for Extended Unemployment Benefits

Typically, unemployment benefits apply for 26 weeks at the maximum. But there are situations and opportunities to extend those benefits. When a state is experiencing a period of high unemployment (such as 5% over the the past 13 weeks), an unemployed person may be eligible to receive an additional 13 weeks of benefits.  

Checking Unemployment Eligibility

However, just because someone is eligible for unemployment benefits initially does not guarantee they are eligible for the extended benefits. Each state is different, so you will have to check with them for the actual requirements.

Thankfully, that is very easy. Also, when a state has entered the criteria for an extended unemployment period it is supposed to notify people when their regular unemployment benefits run out that they may be eligible for the extended program. 

Recent Laws Extending Unemployment

In addition to this there are a number of recent laws that Congress has passed that is affecting the extended unemployment benefits systems across the country. For instance, the sequester has eliminated a percentage of benefits across the board. Check your state's labor website for more detailed information. 

Also, the recent passage of the American Taxpayer Relief Act created the Emergency Unemployment Compensation system with 4 Tiers. Generally speaking, you start out in Tier One and move through all 4, receiving different benefits for different periods of time for each. This changes per state. Check out the websites we mentioned as well as our detailed section on this system for more information. 

Other Programs to Aid the Jobless

In addition to the Extended Unemployment Benefits mentioned above, there are other programs on the state and federal level that have been implemented from time to time. Your state's website on labor issues will have more information on this (http://www.servicelocator.org/OWSLinks.asp). 

For more excellent, interesting, and helpful information on unemployment and job searching, check us out at About.com. 

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