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Video:Appropriate Interview Attire for Women

with Jen Daily

In order to convey the right message during an interview, what you wear is extremely important. In this video, learn appropriate women's interview attire, so you can land that new position.See Transcript

Transcript:Appropriate Interview Attire for Women

Hi, This is Jen with and this is 'Appropriate Interview Attire for Women.'

There are three basic combinations of clothing that women can wear to an interview, and that's a skirt suit and that is a skirt and a jacket; a pant suit with pants and a jacket. Or you can wear a nice blouse and a cardigan with either a skirt or pants. 

Women's Interview Attire: The Suit

What I have here is an example of an appropriate coordinated suit outfit. And the suit outfit can either have pants or a skirt, but the skirt has to come to your knees or below and it cannot be too tight that you can't sit down. It needs to be comfortable. The colors should be grey, brown or black. It can be any shade of those. Any color to accessorize is going to come in elsewhere.With your coordinated suit outfit, you should wear a buttoned down shirt or a nice blouse. Don't wear a shawl that is sleeveless or something that you wouldn't feel comfortable taking off your jacket with. 

Women's Interview Attire: Skirt and Blouse

Another appropriate combination to wear to an interview is a nice blouse with slacks or a skirt. This is an example of an appropriate blouse. It doesn't have lots of bells and whistles. It's not too flashy. You want them to remember you, not your clothing. And you can wear it with slacks that are dressy or you can wear it with a skirt, but again the skirt has to come to your knees or below. This is an example of the kind of suit jacket that you want to wear to the interview. It's not a shiny material. It's not flashy. It's nice and [mat] and it's structured. But this one doesn't button on me, so I shouldn't wear it. You want to walk in with your suit buttons and then you want to unbutton it when you sit down. Or take off the jacket and put it on the back of your chair. 

Women's Interview Accessories: The Bag

As far as bags go, don't use a duffle bag, don't use anything that's big and bulky. Have a nice structured purse that's going to sit up when you set it down. You don't want to fumble around with your purse. If you need to carry a laptop, you should have a nice attaché case that's going to hold it in place, but again not be bulky and it shouldn't be too loud. Again, you want them to remember you and not your bag. 

To finish off the look, if you have to wear a jacket, don't wear a sports jacket, not something that's puffy or water resistant. You want to wear something nice and classy. So maybe stick to wool, a muted color, again, not something flashy. This is a good example of what you should wear. It's a nice plain wool suit. 

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