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Video:Appropriate Interview Attire for Men

with Jen Daily

In this video, learn the appropriate interview attire for men, so you can convey that you're the right person for the job.See Transcript

Transcript:Appropriate Interview Attire for Men

Hi, this is Jen with, and this is Appropriate Interview Attire for Men.

Appropriate Interview Attire for Men

This is an example of the first kind of outfit that men can wear, which is a nice oxford or buttoned down shirt like this in a light plain color. And this is a nice sweater that you can wear on top, a nice light plain color. And then a tie that’s fairly conservative.You don’t want tweedy bird, you don’t want something that’s nice and loud, it needs to be conservative. 

Studies have shown that wearing a lighter color shirt like white or blue convey trustworthiness to future employers. Also, make sure your shirt is always pressed, no wrinkles. Iron it yourself if you can or sometimes dry cleaners will clean your shirts for free if you are out of work and trying to go to a job interview.

Make sure that the pants match the jacket. If you are a man, it’s really important that you are wearing a coordinated pant suit. When it comes to coordinating your shoes with your suits, you can wear grey shoes, you can wear black shoes with a black or grey suit. And if you’re wearing brown or grey, it’s best to stick to brown shoes and then the belt and the shoes should match. 

The rule for men’s shoes at an interview is that the shoes must have laces, no slip-ons, no loafers, always have laces. These shoes are good, they’re nice and conservative, problem is they’re not shined up. You got to make sure you get your shoes shined and you look like you pay attention to details. 

Appropriate Interview Accessories for Men

When it comes to accessories, men should only be wearing a watch and a ring, nothing else. And if you’re going to wear a coat, don’t wear a sports coat that’s waterproof and ruins the effect of your outfit. Wear something nice and structured like a wool coat. As a man, if you’re going to bring a bag to an interview, don’t bring a messenger bag. Don’t bring something other than a briefcase or a computer case. And this should be nice and conservative and not flashy and loud. 

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