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Video:Accept a Job Offer

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Accepting a job offer correctly is the last step in your job hunt. This video will provide tips on politely accepting the job you've been offered.See Transcript

Transcript:Accept a Job Offer

In this video you will learn how to accept a job offer.

Get Details for Job Being Offered

Upon receiving a formal offer of employment, your first task is to make sure you understand exactly what you're being offered.

If the job offer arrived in letter form, carefully read and review the offer in detail. Pay particular attention to the job's responsibilities, hours, benefits, and compensation.

If you receive a phone call from a hiring manager offering you a position, be sure to ask about these things before accepting. 

Take Time to Consider

If needed, do not be afraid to tell the hiring manager that you'd like to think it over before proceeding. Companies usually give candidates approximately twenty-four hours to respond.

Many employers will ask you to respond to the letter in writing with your signature as a formal acceptance of the offer.

Writing a Job Acceptance Letter

Whether you've been offered the position via phone, email, or letter, it's always best to send to the employer a job acceptance letter. This will give you an opportunity to express your gratitude for the offer and to demonstrate your professional demeanour.

Format your letter as you would any professionally written letter. Include your name, address, and phone number at the top of the page.

To begin, address the letter to the individual who offered you the job. Include his or her title and the address of the employer. Thank the addressee for the offer and convey your gratitude for the opportunity you've been given.

Next, make your acceptance of the offer clear in writing. To do so, you may want to incorporate a sentence such as, "I am very pleased to formally accept the position."

Summarize the terms of the offer briefly in your letter to avoid any misunderstanding. Briefly clarify your understanding of the position's hours, salary, benefits, and start date. For example, in clarifying your understanding of the salary, you may want to use a statement such as, "As per our discussion this morning, I understand that I will be receiving a base salary of $52,000."

When finished, close the letter with your name and signature. Be sure to carefully proofread your letter so as to correct any grammatical errors if need be. Your job acceptance letter should be professional, friendly, and brief.

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