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Video:5 Tips for Successfully Navigating a Career Fair

with Tim Tyrell-Smith

Navigating a career fair successfully is important when trying to find a new job. Watch this video from About.com to see tips for working this situation to your advantage.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Tips for Successfully Navigating a Career Fair

Hi I'm Tim Tyrell-Smith, Marketing Coach and Career Strategist with TimsStrategy.com. Today I'm here on behalf of About.com to talk to you about tips for successfully navigating a career fair.

About Career Fairs

A day at a career fair or job fair can be really stressful. You know there will be a lot of people there that are looking for the same jobs with the same companies as you. The day can also be somewhat unproductive. There are often long lines and no official process to meet the companies that are there.

Preparing for Career Fairs

So how do you prepare for and have a great experience?

1. Pick your company targets and prioritize them before you leave the house. Make sure you have a couple of ideas of the companies you’d like to meet and right when you get there, go find them.

2. Do your research at home and make sure you understand how the event works, who is going to be there, and what you need to be doing first when you arrive.

3. In addition to a resume, customize and create a one-page bio, something that very quickly expresses your value.

Navigating the Career Fair Like a Pro

4. Get there early to avoid the lines. Once you get there middle of the day there will be lines of 10 or 15 people at each company, and that’s pretty unproductive to stand in line waiting to talk to somebody.

5. This is really important - take notes after each conversation. You’ll find after a busy day that these notes really come in handy.

6. Help the people you meet remember you with a great story. It might be a success you had in your career or something that happened in your life, but they are going to meet an awful lot of people that day, so make sure they remember YOU!

7. Smile, speak up and have a strong handshake. These really matter to people you meet for the first time.

So always remember you are leaving a first impression and make it great! Thanks for watching. To learn more about succeeding at career fairs or other job search topics, visit us online at About.com.

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