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Video:How to Make a Wire Torque Necklace

with Valerie Bloom

A silver wire torque necklace is a beautiful piece that is relatively easy to make. Follow this step-by-step guide to make a silver wire torque necklace.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Wire Torque Necklace

Hi, my name is Valerie Bloom. I'm an apprentice at the Jewelry Arts Institute and we're here today for About.com. Right now we're going to show you how to make this beautiful sterling silver torque necklace, made out of sterling silver wire with a planished center.

Supplies for the Wire Torque Necklace

We'll need:

  • about 22 inches of 12-gauge sterling silver wire
  • a file
  • a tweezer
  • planishing hammer, for making the flat section
  • round nose pliers for bending
  • flat nose pliers
  • our trusty Sharpie pen
  • scissors
  • sandpaper
  • a neck mandrel for shaping
  • our steel block for hammering on

File the Wire Torque Necklace Ends to a Taper

File the ends into a taper. You're really just looking to make a graceful taper. And you want to keep your wire moving as you work your way around, so that you don't get any flat spots. We're just going to take a little sand paper and go over that, just to give it a nice fine finish.

Our next step is to bend this into a hook shape. So, to make the first flip, I'm going to curve it in with my round nose pliers toward the center of the curve, keep turning until I have this hook at the end. Then, I'm going to place the pliers just a little bit above the end. And bend in the opposite direction. What I might do now is smooth out any bumps with the flat pliers, and just try to get it as round as I can.

Bend the Wire Torque Necklace Into a Circle

The next step is to bend this perfectly round into a circle. And, for that, I'm going to use mostly my hands. I'm going to avoid using tools as much as possible because the tools can mark the metal. And, at this point I'm also going to take one of these hooks and twist it upwards, so that I can lock it into the other one. And that's going to help me figure out where my perfect circle is and also just let me close it. This takes a lot of tweaking and looking at it in all planes, just to make sure you don't have odd little lumps and bumps here and there. But, if you're patient you can get it pretty much into a perfect circle.

The next thing I'm going to do is just use my Sharpie pen to find approximately the center of this piece. I'm just going to line it up with the clasp. So, you want to shape it over the slope of your shoulders and your trapezius muscle and then also over your collar bones, if you have prominent collar bones. Using the neck mandrel, it'll tell you that you need to come down this way. I'll start bending, one side into three dimensions. And the other side.

Create a V in the Wire Torque Necklace

When you have it the right shape, I like to give mine a little V in the front with my round nose pliers. So. I'll grab it right here at the center. Bend a little downward. And outward just a tiny bit too. The next step is for me to just planish the center. Use my steel block and my planishing hammer. And, again, I'm going to look at my center mark and then I'm going to go out maybe an inch or an inch and a half on both sides until I just have a little area in the front that is attractive to the eye.

You might notice as you hammer it that it starts to get very springy and hard. Just aneel it all the way around and now it's nice and soft and all I need to do is pickle it before I work it again. So, to make our pickle solution we're going to use about a quarter of a cup of the sodium bisulfate per a quart of water.The pickle is a mild acid solution that will remove the little bit of oxidation we got. All you need to do is just polish it and then you can just put it on.

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