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Video:Bead Wrapped Wire Earrings

with Jeanette Caines

Beaded Earrings are a unique piece of jewelry you can make at home. Learn how to make your own earrings with this video.See Transcript

Transcript:Bead Wrapped Wire Earrings

Hi. I'm Jeanette Caines, here at Jewelry Arts Institute and I'm here for Today we're going to make these great spiral earrings with little pearl drops. Valerie Blume my apprentice is here to help us and we're going to start right now.

Tools Needed to Make Bead Wrapped Earrings

  • 16 gauge sterling wire
  • 22 gauge fine silver wire
  • Bezel mandrel for shaping my ear wire.
  • Scissors
  • A file
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Tweezers
  • Torch

Smooth the Earring Wire

I'm going to file both ends to a taper. It makes it look graceful and also one of the ends is also going to be my ear wire, and you want that to be comfortable if it's going to go in your ear. You want to keep the wire moving when you're going around, so that you get an even taper. You don't want to end up just flattening one side. Ok. I'm using jeweler's micron graded sand paper but the sandpaper you get at the hardware store, 400-grit, really works just as well. You just want to feel it and make sure you haven't left anything too sharp.

Shape the Spiral Earring

So, to make the spiral I'm just going to use my round nose pliers. I'm going to grab the end start bringing that around, so you just get a nice graceful curve to start. Start shaping it around, like this. Now you notice, I'm really just using the pliers and my fingers and neither is really such a pleasant choice. Now, the real trick of course is to make two spirals that look the same. I usually recommend you make a few extras and they try to match them up. I'm going to stop right there.

Now that I have my spiral done I'm going to have the wire come forward. It's very important when you're doing an ear wire to put that forward bend in first. So, that when we put the curve in, it's going to hang nice and straight on your ear. I'm just using a bezel mandrel and I'm kind of guesstimating what I think is a good size for my ear wire.’s very easy to change this if I decide that the size isn't right. I can just adjust it up or down. Just like that and then I'm going to use my round nose pliers again, to give that back end a really nice graceful shape. That's your earring.

Add Beading to the Earrings

I'm cutting a couple pieces of your thinner wire, the wire that's going to go through the bead. I'm just going to hold it up with my tweezers and my torch and just ball up the end. A quick reminder: never do his over your lap. If you make the ball big enough, it'll get heavy and it'll drop off. It's a pretty little ball, just like that. I'm going to dunk it in the water.

Valerie’s going to make the wrap for the pearl. Wire wrapping is the kind of thing, it's not hard to do but getting it really uniform takes some time and practice. You best bet is o get a whole strand of beads and practice wrapping them and just keep going until you're really able to get a consistent result.

These earrings are so quick and easy I bet you'll be making tons of pairs as gifts for all your friends and family. Thanks for watching, to learn more join us on the web at
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