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Video:How to Spot Real Gold Jewelry

with Abbot Taylor

Our expert explains how to spot real gold jewelry from immitation metal. See these instructions for how to spot real gold jewelry.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Spot Real Gold Jewelry

Hi. I'm Abbott Taylor from Abbott Taylor Jewelers in Tucson, Arizona, let's talk about at home how you can tell whether you can tell if gold jewelry is the real thing or whether it's fake.

Easiest Way to Spot Real Gold Jewelry

And the easiest way to find out whether a piece of jewelry is real or not is to look inside, because, according to law, all jewelry needs to be stamped with its carrot mark and the makers mark of where it was manufactured and what the material is. If you do not find any interior markings on a ring, it is immediately suspect.

Using a Magnifying Glass to Identify Real Gold Jewelry

So, I suggest a magnifying glass of some sort. In this case, we're looking at a platinum ring that has the maker's stamp as well. Now here's something very very important to look for. If after the 14 carat or the 18 carat stamp mark, you see the letters H. G. E. or G., after the stamp mark, that means it is gold plated. HE means heavy gold electroplate. It means it's basically a brass ring that has a little bit of gold coloring on the surface and it is not the real thing. I have one caveat, just because jewelry does not have a stamp mark on the inside, does not mean it's not real. Do not throw it away.

Myths About Gold Jewelry

There are a lot of myths going around and sometimes they can be very misleading. If you take a piece of gold and you rub it on a piece of cloth, that if it's a fake ring it will show a discoloration on the cloth. This is not true. Mostly the modern fakes are so well done. They're gold plated and that gold plating does not rub off.

Gold Plated Jewelry

This is a gold plated ring. It is brass, with a little bit of gold coloration on the outside, and as you can see you can rub it on a piece of cloth and that coloration will not transfer. Another one is that if you wear a piece of gold jewelry, a piece of fake jewelry, that after a few days of wearing it you will get a greenish tinge on your skin. This is also a misnomer it is a myth. Because a gold plated ring will not show any discoloration on your skin for a long time to come, until the surface gold wears off, and the brass beneath it becomes part of what touches your skin. If you have an allergic reaction to the brass your finger will change color. Another myth is that real gold will not change the finger color, and, as a matter of fact, it does. If you have a gold ring – it is because you are capturing lotions and liquids and cosmetics under the ring and it's turning your fingers color.

Gold itself has alloys in it and silver in the presence of some of these chemicals will oxidize.

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