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Video:What Are the 4 Cs of Diamonds?

with Heidi Dehncke

The 4 Cs of diamonds explain the important aspects of diamonds, which will make it easier for you to know what quality you're getting when buying a diamond. See this information on the 4 Cs of diamonds.See Transcript

Transcript:What Are the 4 Cs of Diamonds?

Hi. I'm Abott Taylor from Abbott Taylore Jewelers in Tucson, Arizona, here for About.com.

The Four Cs of Diamonds

I'd like to give you a simple explanation of the 4 C's of Diamond grading. Color, Clairty, Cut and Carrot weight.

Carrot Weight of a Diamond

Carrot weight refers to a physical weight. A carrot is one fifth of a gram. There are five carrots in one gram . An 86 point diamond refers to an .86 or 86 percent of one carrot. A 153 about a carrot and a half. 1.54 carrots.

Clarity of a Diamond

Probably one of the less important values of a diamond is the clarity. Clarity has to do with the differences of imperfections within the diamond. So, if you have a lot of imperfections and they're visible to the naked eye those imperfections bring that diamond down to an imperfect score. SI means slightly imperfect. Slightly imperfect is a grade worthy human eye can't see any imperfections to the naked eye, unless you have magnification. A VS 1 or a VS 2 refers to a very slightly included stone. And, as you go past that to VVS, and flawless, you reach a point where even a trained observer can find no imperfections within the diamond itself.

Color of a Diamond

Color. Color refers to the body material color of the stone itself. A white diamond is a more expensive diamond, and more valuable, and rarer then a yellowish diamond. A diamond that has a tinge of yellow. Unless, it gets to a real vivid yellow, at the point which it becomes a much rarer valuable stone. But, up until that point, if you have a diamond that's just a little bit off color it's less valuable then a very white stone.

A D color stone is the best there is, there is no C, B, or A. And through the alphabet – from D through Z the color goes downwards. Will eventually become darker and darker in yellow or brown or gray. And this contributes to a lower value for that diamond. The most important factor in a diamond is its cut.

Cut of a Diamond

Cut refers to the perfections of the proportions of that diamond for whatever shape it is. There are many cuts of diamonds but that is not the same thing as appraising its perfection of that cut. So, there's round brilliant cut, emerald cut, princess cut, pear shaped, these are all shapes of diamonds. And, within each shape of diamond you'll have a difference between the perfection of its cut and the closer to perfection it gets the more bright it becomes, the more it reflects light, the more it sparkles.

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