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Video:Tips for Wearing Jeans With Boots

with Jen Daily

So many boots, so many cuts of jeans. Which style goes with what? Watch this video to learn how to wear the right jean with the right boot.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Wearing Jeans With Boots

Hi this is Jen for and this is tips for wearing jeans with boots.

Boot Cut Jeans for Ankle Boots

When it comes to jeans and boots, actually save the ankle boots for boot cut jeans. Because, when you tuck your skinny jeans into them it doesn't do anything for the length of your leg. It actually cuts it off at the ankle. 

High Boots

The best way to wear calf-high or knee-high boots is to be wearing skinny jeans that you can tuck in all the way down. Make sure you never roll your jeans up and set them at the top of your boots—it doesn't look attractive.

Straight Leg and Skinny Jeans

Another way to wear boots with jeans is to wear combat boots with skinny jeans or straight leg jeans. And what's nice about lace-ups with straight-leg jeans is that if they're a little billowy, it looks good to not lace them to the top and leave a little room. Flared-leg jeans, boot-cut jeans and trouser jeans like these are jeans you want to wear ankle boots with, because you can just tuck it right over the top and it doesn't create bulk up here like a knee-high boot would. But make sure if you have heels that the jeans cover most of the heel because that's going to give you height. 

Trouser-Cut Jeans

These are the same trouser-cut jeans but tucked into knee-high boots—you don't want to do that. It creates unnecessary bulk at the bottom of your leg. Make sure you have skinny jeans on if you're going to tuck your jeans into your boots. These are also trouser-leg jeans but rolled up to fit knee-high boots underneath—don't do this. It creates unnecessary bulk at the bottom of your leg and cuts off the height of your leg. So you can roll them just slightly if there is a heel on your boot so that the jeans don't drag on the ground, but only one cuff will do.  Thanks for watching to find out more please visit us on the web at

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