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Video:How to Make a California Roll

with Sushi Chef Lin

Craving a California roll? Watch as sushi chef Lin demonstrates how simple it is to make this delicious Japanese sushi roll at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a California Roll

Hi I'm Li Chen for Food. I'm going to show you how to make sushi today.

Gather Supplies to Make a California Roll

First you need nori, which is seaweed. The sushi rice we mix with the rice vinegar and sugar. You have to make sure you have a cup of clear, clean water. This way the rice will not stick to your hands.

Prepare the California Roll

First with a small amount of the rice I put it on top of the seaweed and make the rice flat and I make sure I have about a half inch of seaweed that's not covered by the rice. Then we sprinkle on sesame seeds, then we spread masago which is the fish eggs.
Then we turn it over, place crab meat, avocados, anything you like, then we move it to a bamboo mat and roll it over and then we take off the bamboo.

Serving the California Roll

You can cut it into 8 pieces or 6 pieces, whichever you prefer. This is a California roll - and of course you can't have sushi without ginger or wasabi.

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