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Video:How to Make a Japanese Rice Ball

with Hiroko Shimbo

Hiroko Shimbo explains how to make a Japanese Rice Ball.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Japanese Rice Ball

Hi. I am Hiroko Shimbo, of Hiroko’s Kitchen LLC in New York City. Here I am for About.com. I am going to show you Japanese rice ball. Which is called Onigiri. It is fun project.

To Make Japanese Rice Balls, You Need:

  • 2 cups steamed Japanese rice.
  • 5 oz salt cured salmon.
  • White seasme seeds.
  • Shiso. If you can not find shiso use parsley or coriander leaf
  • Salt
  • Nori. This is the seaweed sheet already cut in half.

First, Sear the Salmon for the Japanese Rice Ball

Just a bowl of cold clean water and a spatula. Here is the salt cured salmon. I need to cook it. So, wash the skillet with a little bit of oil. Put the salmon first skin side down. About medium-low and cook until the bottom side is golden. And you flip the fish over. The other side is very nice. Then cook 3 minutes, the total cooking is about 5 minutes.

Stuff and Shape the Japanese Rice Ball

So, this is the pickled plum. So first just take the inside pit. Let’s just chop this briefly. I am also going to just slice this shiso leaves, 3 leaves. And sesame, and then toss this gently. When you eat rice ball you always find something a treasure. So, this is one stuffing, so, let me first make onigoshi onigiri. Transfer a half cup rice in the center. I just make a little depression in the center and then put half of this in the center and then kind of one third cup additional rice. And you need water because rice sticks. Transfer the rice onto your hand with other hand. A kind of making a triangle, just rotate the rice.

Cut the nori in half. Put the salmon in the depression. Sprinkle a little sesame. Then one third cup about rice. And put in your hands and then make a triangle shape. Decorating this with shiso. Wrap this in the nori, and here is the fun rice ball.

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