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Video:How to Make Steamed Japanese Rice

with Hiroko Shimbo

Steamed Japanese Rice is a simple food that requires close attention to detail to make properly. Learn how to make steamed Japanese rice with this video.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Steamed Japanese Rice

Hi. Hello. I am Hiroko Shimbo of Hiroko’s Kitchen in New York City. Here I am for About.com. I am going to show you how to make Japanese steamed rice.

To Cook Japanese Steamed Rice, You Need:

  • 2 cups short grain rice. You can use medium grain rice
  • 2 cups water plus about 20 percent more.
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • A bowl
  • 3 quart heavy bottomed pot with heavy fitting lid.

Rinse and Soak the Ride Before Steaming

Here is the rice, 2 cups, going into the strainer. Then into a bowl and then you will come to the sink. Put the water in a bowl. Submerge the rice in water and rinse. Not too hard but not too gentle. The water becomes milky, so throw it away. Fill the bowl again with new water. And then rinse the rice again. Let’s dump this water away. A third time rinsing is fine. Fill the bowl again for soaking the rice for half an hour before cooking. Half an hour soaked rice. It looks very white. The rice absorbed pretty good portion of water. This contributes to the even cooking of the rice in the next process.

Garnish Your Steamed Rice with Sesame Seed and Salt

Put this rice in heavy bottomed pot. And then I have water. This is 20 percent more than volume of rice. Put this on top of high heat and cover this with heavy fitting lid. And then wait for three - four minutes until the water starts to boil and then a kind of spilling over from between the lid and the pot. So, this is after ten minutes, you can peak and then turn the heat to very low. And, ten more minutes. And, set aside for at least five minutes. When you rest it, steams goes into every grain of rice.Ok, so I am going to serve the steamed rice. And then 2 pinch sesame seed and then just a pinch salt.

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