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Video:How to Make Inarizushi

with Hiroko Shimbo

Inarizushi is a staple in Japanese cuisine. Learn to make inrizushi in your own kitchen with this helpful video.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Inarizushi

Hi, hello. I am Hiroko Shimbo of Hiroko’s Kitchen in New York City, here I am for I am going to show you how to make Inarizushi.

To Make Inarizushi, You Need:

1 ½ cups rice cooked
Fried thin tofu. You can buy already simmered, canned.
Sushi rice seasoning vinegar. (4 ½ tbsp. rice vinegar mixed with one tsp salt, and 1 ½ tsp sugar.) Pickled ginger, which you can buy already made.
1 tbsp sesame seed.
2 tbsp peanuts.
Dates for the color, texture.
Shiso, a Japanese herb

Season the Sushi Rice for Inarizushi

First, let’s season the rice with Sushi dressing. The rice should be very very hot. Put this vinegar seasoning all over the rice. Cut up the rice and turn this over and then just further break up the clumps.

Chop Herbs and Ingredients Then Combine Them With the Sushi Rice

This is the ginger. Mince. Finer is better so that when you eat it you are not eating and biting into big chunk of ginger. And then, here is the nuts this one also cutting into some small pieces. Dates – small piece. Now, this is the shiso leaf. If you don’t find the shiso you can use say parsley, coriander. This is also fine julienne and then a little mincing. Put all this flavorings into the rice. Mix.

Stuff Flavored Rice Into the Inarizushi Pocket

This is an already simmered inarizushi pocket. And let me squeeze the water.  Grab some rice making into a little egg shape and then stuff the rice in this pocket. You have a little flap left on top. So, one of this side down, then the other flap comes over the other. And then just make a final shape. Nice and neat. Here is inarizushi. Great snack at any time of the day.

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