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Video:What Is Sushi?

with Dai Ishiguro

Sushi is a popular Japanese food mostly made of raw fish and rice. Learn more sushi, how to eat it and how to order it in the Japanese language with this About.com video.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is Sushi?

Hello, my name is Dai Ishiguro for About.com.  Today I'm going to teach you what is sushi.  

What is in Sushi?

Sushi usually consists of rice and raw fish.  Rice that we use for sushi is cooked vinegar rice, so it's a little sour.  And raw fish are usually sliced into pieces.  And between rice and raw fish usually we put wasabi.  Wasabi makes the flavor stronger.  We add soy sauce a little bit and you eat with either hands or chop sticks.   

How to Order Sushi

Now I'll teach you how to order sushi at a restaurant in Japanese.  Let's say, "Can I get one piece of tuna please?"  Tuna in Japanese is Maguro.  Maguro.  One in Japanese we say Hitots. And "Can I have?" is Kudasai.  Now mix all up.  "Can I get one piece of Maguro please?"  Maguro Hitotsu Kudasai.  Maguro is tuna.  Hitotsu  is one piece.  Can I have one piece of tuna please?  

If you're going to order two pieces.   Kudasai is Can I have?  "Can I have one piece of tuna please?"  "Maguro Hitotsu Kudasai?"  If you want to order two pieces, two pieces in Japanese we say Futatsu.  So it's going to be "Maguro Futatsu Kudasai?"  Can I get two pieces of maguro please? 

Thank you for watching.  If you need more information please visit About.com. 

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