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Video:What Is Sashimi?

with Dai Ishiguro

Shashimi is sushi without the rice, but there's a special way to order it in Japan. Learn more about sashimi and how the chef will prepare it in this About.com video.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is Sashimi?

Hello, my name is Dai Ishiguro for About.com.  Today I'm going to teach you what is sashimi. 

Sushi. No Rice

Sashimi is sushi without rice, that's the easiest way to describe.  You eat only with chopsticks.  You don't eat sashimi with hands not like sushi. We eat sashimi as an appetizer and unlike sushi you don't order like individually.  Like can I get two pieces of tuna usually like ten pieces and you share with friends.  Sashimi  no rice.  

Order Sashimi

How to order sashimi in Japanese restaurant is different. You can't order sashimi individually. You can order in U.S., but you can not order like that in Japan.  In Japan it usually comes as a set and you eat sashimi as an appetizer.   Depends on the season, but usually it comes with like tuna, four pieces of tuna, four pieces of snapper, yellow tail as a set like fifteen to twenty pieces.   

So we say, "Sashimi No Moriawase Kudasai".  Moriawase is like a set,  like a bunch of sashimi.  Sashimi No Moriawase Kudasai.  Then the chef will prepare.  If the chef sees like three people maybe they prepare for the three people for sashimi set.   

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