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Video:Quick Tip: What Is Maki Sushi?

with Dai Ishiguro

Maki sushi is a certain style of preparation for sushi. This About.com video will explain what maki sushi is.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: What Is Maki Sushi?

Hello, my name is Dai Ishiguro for About.com. Today I'm going to teach you what is maki sushi.  

Meaning of Maki Sushi

Maki sushi is a type of sushi. And "maki" means "roll" in Japan, so it's like roll sushi. First, you put bamboo mat on the table and you put nori, which is a seaweed. And you put sushi rice and you put whatever you like. You can put vegetables like cucumber or pickle and you can put raw fish like tuna. And you put a little bit of wasabi again and you roll. It's maki sushi, so roll sushi.   

After you take out the bamboo mat, you cut six or eight pieces and you put soy sauce and you eat. How to order one in Japanese, we say "Hitotsu." And "Can I have" is "Kudasai." "Maki Sushi Hitotsu Kudasai."

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