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Video:Learn Japanese: Meaning of Boys' Names in Japan

with Dai Ishiguro

Japanese boys' names are chosen because of their meaning, and there's a wide range of names to choose from. Here's a video list of the meanings of a couple of the most popular Japanese boys' names.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Japanese: Meaning of Boys' Names in Japan

Hello, my name is Dai Ishiguro from About.com. Today, I'm going to go over the meaning of boys' name in Japan.

Two Most Popular Japanese Boys' Names

Number one is Hiroto. Okay, Hiroto, Hiroto. If you finish with -to, it's very common now. "To" means "person" or "a man," so if you finish with -to, you know you are male. Hiro means "to soar, rise up." I'm going to write in Chinese letters, the Kanji, this is how we write in Japan. So, Hiro, okay, this is pronounced "Hi-ro-to." This means "big" and this means, again, "soar, to rise up, to jump." "Big jump." So number two, Yuuma, Yuuma, "Yu-u-ma," Yuuma. "Ma" means "trust," you want to be a trustful man. "Yu" means "kind," so kind and trust. This "yu" is tough. This is "Yuu," "yuu" means "kind," "ma" is like this. Yuuma so kind ma means trust.

More Popular Japanese Boys' Names

Number three is Shou, Shou. This is one word "sho-u." Hiro and Shou, it's a different pronunciation obviously, but in Kanji, the Chinese letter, we use same Kanji. So it means, again, "soar, to rise up." This Kanji is very popular now, very popular Shou, Shou, "to rise up, to soar, to jump." And number four is Futa, "Fu-u-ta," "Fu-u-ta." "Fu" means "energize, energetic," and "ta" means "great." So, energy and great, Futa. This one is also popular. Futa this means "energize." We use this one a lot. Number five is Ayumu; this is a nice name, I like this one. "A-yu-mu," okay? Ayumu. Ayumu means "you want to walk towards your dreams." "Ayu" means "walking," "mu" is "dreams," so, walking to dream, Ayumu. I like this name.

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