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Video:Learn Japanese: How to Say "Good Morning"

with Ayaka Hills

There are a couple ways to say "good morning" in Japanese, so you should learn both of them. Here are instructions to help you learn how to say "good morning" in Japanese.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Japanese: How to Say "Good Morning"

Hi. I'm Ayaka Hills of Hills Learning in New York for About.com. In this video, I am going to demonstrate how to say "good morning" in Japanese.

Ways of Saying "Good Morning" in Japanese

There is a more formal way of saying "good morning" and an informal way in Japanese. First, let's try the more informal way.

おはよう (ohayo) "Ohayo." This is the more informal way to say "good morning."

Add the phrase ございます (gozaimasu) to the end of おはよう (ohayo) in more formal situations: おはようございます (ohayo gozaimasu) "Ohayo gozaimasu."

Now let's try it a little bit faster: おはようございます(ohayo gozaimasu) "Ohayo gozaimasu."

Examples of Saying "Good Morning" in Japanese

You can say good morning to someone informally. For example: おはよう、ジャック。 (ohayo Jack) Good morning, Jack. "Ohayo Jack." "Good morning, Jack."

Or, you can say: おはようございます、スミスさん。(ohayo gozaimasu Smith-san) Good morning, Mr. Smith. "Ohayo gozaimasu Smith-san." "Good morning, Mr. Smith."

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