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Video:Learn Japanese: How to Say "Are You Free?"

with Dai Ishiguro

"Are you free?" is a useful expression in Japanese for when you want to make plans with friends. This video from About.com will show you how to say "Are you free?" in Japanese.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Japanese: How to Say "Are You Free?"

Hello, my name is Dai Ishiguro for About.com. Today I'm going to teach you how to say, "Are you free?" in Japanese.  

Formal Way of Saying "Are You Free?"

The formal way of saying, "Are you free?" in Japanese is "Ojikan Arimasuka?"  "O ji ka n A ri ma su ka." "Ojikan Arimasuka."

"Ojikan Arimasuka" is like when you ask a girl or boy to go out and you ask if she or he has time. "Ojikan Arimasuka?" "Do you have time for fun?" Or something like that.

Informal Way of Saying "Are You Free?"

Informal way of saying, "Are you free?" is very simple.  You can just say, "Hima?"  "Hi ma." "Hima?" 

Hima is like, "Are you free?" "Do you want to go have fun with me?" Like that.  You free?  Very casual. "Hima?" "Hima?" "Are you free now?"

Writing "Are You Free?" in Japanese

Now I'm going to write, "Are you free?" in Japanese. Formal way, I'm going to write right now. "O ji ka n," we use kanji. Kanji is with Chinese letters. "Ojikan." This is "jikan," which means "time" in Japanese. "O ji ka n A ri ma su ka" and question mark. You know this. So "O ji ka n A ri ma su ka?" "Ojikan Arimasuka?" "Ojikan Arimasuka?" "Do you have time?"

Informal way, the casual way, "Are you free?" "Hima?" "Hima" is only two letters, so I'm going to write in big letters. We say, "Hi ma?" "Hi Hi ma?" "Hi ma?" "Are you free?" "Hi ma?" Don't say to your professor or your boss. They will punch you, maybe. Just to your friends or family.   

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