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Video:Learn Japanese: How to Pronounce Hiragana Part 8: ya, yu, yo

with Ayaka Hills

Understanding hiragana is an important part of learning Japanese. Here's a guide to the hiragana characters ya, yu, yo.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Japanese: How to Pronounce Hiragana Part 8: ya, yu, yo

Hi, I'm Ayaka Hills of Hills Learning in New York, for About.com. In this video, I am going show you how to pronounce the hiragana characters やゆ (ya, yu) and よ (yo).

Hiragana Characters "ya," "yu" and "yo"

Let's begin with や (ya). "Ya." や (ya) is used to write やま (yama), which means "mountain." やま (yama), mountain.

The next character is ゆ (yu). "Yu." ゆ (yu) is used to write ゆき (yuki), which means "snow." ゆき (yuki), snow.

Next, let's pronounce よ (yo). "Yo." よ (yo) is used to write よる (yoru), which means "night." よる (yoru), night.

やゆよ (ya, yu, yo) "Ya," "yu," "yo."

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