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Video:Learn Japanese: How to Write Hiragana Part 2: ka, ki, ku, ke, ko

with Michael Metcalf

Hiragana is the Japanese alphabet that represents all the sounds in the Japanese language and is used to write Japanese words. Learn how to write the Japanese characters ka, ki, ku, ke, ko in Hiragana.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Japanese: How to Write Hiragana Part 2: ka, ki, ku, ke, ko

Hi, my name is Michael Metcalf, I'm a student of Japanese at the University of Missouri in Columbia for About.com. By the end of this video you will be able to write ka, ki, ku, ke, ko in Hiragana.

The Japanese Alphabet is Called Hiragana

Hiragana is the group of characters that represent all of the sounds in the Japanese language. They are used to write out native Japanese words and other grammatical functions. First I am going to show you each character and write it in the proper stroke order and then I am going to display a simple Japanese word that uses that character. So let's get started.

Learn to Pronounce and Write Hiragana Characters Correctly

First we'll do "ka", it's a simple character with three strokes. And a word that uses this is, "kaze", that means wind in Japanese. Next, is "ki", it's a four stroke character. And a word that uses this is... "ki", by tiself, that means "tree" in Japanese. Next is "ku", it's just one stroke. A word that uses this is "kumo" that means cloud. Next is, "ke", it's a three stroke character. A word that uses this, is "kesa", that means... "This morning." Last is, "ko", it's a two stroke character. A simple word that uses this is "kodomo" it means "child" in Japanese.

Thank you for watching, and for more information on how to write Hiragana, check us out on the web, at about.com.
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