Learn Japanese: How to Write Hiragana Part 10: wa, o, n Video
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Video:Learn Japanese: How to Write Hiragana Part 10: wa, o, n

with Michael Metcalf

Learn Japanese in small parts in order to begin mastering the language. In this Japanese tutorial from About.com you will learn how to say and write the Japanese sounds, "wa, "o" and "n".See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Japanese: How to Write Hiragana Part 10: wa, o, n

Hi, My name is Michael Metcalf and I'm a student of Japanese at the University of Missouri for About.com, and by the end of this video you will be able to write wa, o, and n in Hiragana.

Hiragana is Japanese Language Characters

Hiragana is a group of characters used to represent sounds found in the Japanese language. They are used to write native words in Japanese, and are often used in various grammatical constructions. What I'm going to do is go through each character and first show you the proper stroke order in which to write them and then I will show you a simple word that uses that character, so let's get started.

Practice Wa in Hiragana

First is "Wa", it's two strokes. A common word that uses "wa" is: Washitsu... That's a Japanese style room, a lot of times in people houses in Japan they might have a normal more modern set up, or they may have a Japanese style room with tatami mats, or straw mats, and various other things that are of a Japanese style.

Practice "O" in Hiragana

Next is "o", it's a three stroke character and it's a little complicated but pretty fun once you get the hang of it. "O" isn't used in common vocabulary words, it's function in the Japanese language is exclusively grammatical. It's used to show what the direct object is in a sentence. So you won't find it in a dictionary by itself, it's just used by itself in a sentence as a grammatical function.

Practice "N" in Hiragana

Last is the sound "n", this is also an interesting character in that vocabulary words don't start with "n". "N" with usually end a word or is found somewhere in the middle, but it never starts it. So a common word that uses "n" would be... "Noren", a noren is that short curtain that hangs in front of shops in Japan.

Thanks for watching and if you'd like to find out more about how to write Hiragana, check us out on the web, at About.com.

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