Learn Japanese: How to Say Thank You - Informal Video
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Video:Learn Japanese: How to Say Thank You - Informal

with Ayaka Hills

Learn how to say thank you in informal situations so that you can build your Japanese vocabulary. Here is a guide to saying thank you in Japanese for information situations.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Japanese: How to Say Thank You - Informal

Hi. I'm Ayaka Hills of Hills Learning in New York for About.com. In this video, I'll be going over how to say "thank you" during informal situations in Japanese.

Arigato Is an Informal Way to Say Thank You in Japanese

You can say: ありがとう (arigato). ありがとう (arigato) means "thank you" or "thanks" in Japanese, and can be used in informal situations.

Duomo Is Another Informal Thank You in Japanese

Another way of saying thanks is: どうも (doumo) For example, you can say どうも (doumo) after you've been served tea at a restaurant.

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