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Video:Learn Japanese: How to Count Books

with Michael Metcalf

Learn how to count books in Japanese with the proper counter word and Kanji, the Japanese written character for books. You will be able to count books from one to ten in Japanese with this tutorial.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Japanese: How to Count Books

Hi, My name is Michael Metcalf, I'm a student of Japanese at the University of Missouri for About.com. In this video I will go over how to count books in Japanese.

Learn the Japanese Counter Word for Books

In Japanese, whenever you count something you say the number of the items you are counting, and then you attach that to a special counter word that relates to whatever it is that you are counting. I Japanese that counter word for books is Satsu. This is what the Kanji looks like. For counting books in Japanese we will first count from one to ten, then one hundred, then we will count one thousand books.

Count One to Ten and More Books in Japanese

So let's start with one. One book, "Issatsu". Two books, "Nisatsu", three books, "Sansatsu". Four books, "Yonsatsu", Five books, "Gosatsu". Six books, "Rokusatsu". Seven books, "Nanasatsu". Eight books, "hassatsu". Nine books, "Kyuusatsu". Ten books, "Jusatsu". For One hundred books, "hyakusatsu", and for one thousand books, "Sensatsu."

Thanks for watching and for more information about counting in Japanese, check us out of the web at About.com.
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