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Video:Learn Japanese: Basic Phrases for Leaving

with Dai Ishiguro

Learn Japanese one word or phrase at a time. In this Japanese lesson you'll learn how to say and use common phrases for leaving.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Japanese: Basic Phrases for Leaving

Hello, my name is Dai Ishiguro for About.com. Today, I'm going to teach you basic phrases for leaving.

Informal Expression for Leaving in Japanese

We have a special expression when you leave your house to school, to work. We say, It-te-ki-ma-su, Ittekimasu. This is an informal way, It-te-ki-ma-su, Ittekimasu. Ittekimasu. Informal way, Ittekimasu. It-te-ki-ma-su, Ittekimasu. It-te-ki-ma-su, Ittekimasu.

Formal Expression for Leaving in Japanese

Now, the formal way, It-te-ma-i-ri-ma-su, Ittemairimasu. It-te-ma-i-ri-ma-su, Ittemairimasu. Ittemairimasu. Now, formal, Ittemairimasu. It-te-ma-i-ri-ma-su, Ittemairimasu. It-te-ma-i-ri-ma-su, Ittemairimasu.

Informal way, we say, It-te-ki-ma-su, Ittekimasu. Formal way, It-te-ma-i-ri-ma-su, Ittemairimasu.

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