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Video:How to Prepare Zucchini Flowers

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Edible flowers? You betcha. Zucchini flowers are delicious, nutritious, and pretty to look at, all in one. See how to prepare zucchini flowers that any Italian grandmother would love!See Transcript

Transcript:How to Prepare Zucchini Flowers

Hey guys. Jonathon Stewart here for Flowers are always pretty to look at, great for winning points with your wife, and delicious to eat. What's that again? That's right, especially when we're talking about zucchini flowers - an old Italian specialty - you're about to discover a new treat for your palate. Check it out.

What Are Zucchini Flowers?

Zucchini squash is a summer vegetable that's actually an immature fruit that can be green or yellow and is used in many popular Italian dishes. The blossoms of the zucchini are a beautiful golden orange color, and are best eaten when they've just opened. The best place to find these seasonal delicacies is at your local farmer's market in the spring and summer.

Zucchini Flowers Ingredients

For this recipe, you'll also need a cup of milk, one cup and one tablespoon of olive oil, a 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, a cup of flour, one egg white, salt and pepper.

Stick to in-season blossoms, and you're looking at about six bucks a pound, or about two dozen zucchinis, complete with blossoms. Now, while it's not exactly my favorite method of cooking, I've gotta say the best way to eat these things, is to fry 'em. Get ready to indulge.

Trim the Zucchini Stems

Start by trimming the stems, removing the stamen, and opening the flowers fully, then rinse in water and pat dry gently. Season with just a little salt. Yes, I realize that you may have to think back to sixth grade biology to remember which part is the stamen before you remove it, but I know you've got it in you. You should also look for any flies, which I generally prefer to remove as well.

Prepare the Batter

Next, prepare your frying batter by combining your milk, a tablespoon of olive oil, cayenne pepper, salt and ground pepper. Add in your flour next, and mix until it has roughly the consistency of pancake batter. Off to the side, whisk your egg white until frothy, and stir into the fry batter.

Dip in Batter and Fry

Heat up the rest of your oil on high, and get ready to fry. Gently dip your flowers into the egg mixture and fry them two or three at a time in the oil until they're golden brown all over, and remove. Rest them on some clean kitchen towels for drying and getting rid of excess oil.

All that's left now is to eat them! Yum!

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