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Video:Learn the Italian Alphabet

with Jodina Hahn Gallo

The Italian alphabet is slightly different from its American counterpart and is the building block for learning to speak Italian. Here is an intro to the Italian alphabet.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn the Italian Alphabet

Buongiorno! I am Jodina. I am a professional, credentialed Italian language teacher and I spent nine years of my life in Italy. Let's take a look at the Italian alphabet, l'alfabeto italiano.

21 Letters in Italian Alphabet

There are 21 letters in the Italian alphabet, unlike English which, has 26 letters. Let's take a look at what they are.
"Ahh," (A) as in "amore," or love.
"Bi," (B) as in "bagno," or bathroom.
"Ci,"  (C) as in "cuoco" or "centro". The letter C, or Ci in Italian, has two different sounds: the hard sound, "kuh-," as in "cuoco," and the soft sound, "che-," as in "centro."
Then there is "Di," (D) as in "dove," meaning where.
"E," as in "edificio," or building.
"Effe," (F) as in "formaggio," or cheese.

"G" Has Two Sounds

"Gi," (G) as in "grazie" or "gelato," meaning thank you and ice-cream. Also, there are two G sounds: the hard sound "gah-," as in "grazie," or "juh-," as in "gelato." Yummy!
"Acca," meaning H, is always a silent letter, so this is pronounced "eye," meaning you have, and this is pronounced "obby," or hobby.
"Eye," (I) as in "Italiano," or Italian.
"Elle," (L) as in "libro," or book.
"Emme," (M) as in "mercato," or market.
"Enne," (N) as in "numero," meaning number.
"O," like "ora," or hour.
"Pi," (P) as in "pane," or bread.
"Cu," (Q) as in "quanto," meaning how much.
"Erre," (R) as in "ristorante," or restaurant.
"Esse," (S) as in "sorella," or sister.
"Ti," (T) as in "treno," or train.
"U," (U) like "uomo," or man.
"Vu," (V) as in the word "vino," meaning wine; "Vu" can also be called "Vi."
And then "Zeta," (Z) for the word "zaino," or backpack.

Letters Not in Italian Alphabet

Then the foreign letters that are in the English alphabet that are not in the Italian alphabet:
"J" is "i lunga" or, literally, "the long I." If you remember "I" as "E," this is "i lunga."
"K" is "kappa,"
"W" is "vu doppia," or, literally, "double V," "vu doppia."
Then "X" is "ics," and "Y" is "epsilon."

And there you have it, l'alfabeto italiano.

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