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Video:How to Say I Love You in Italian

with Jodina Hahn Gallo

I love you in Italian translates differently depending on the situation. Learn how to say I love you in Italian in a variety of ways.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Say I Love You in Italian

Buongiorno! I am Jodina. I am a professional credentialed Italian language teacher and I spent nine years of my life living in Italy. Let's talk about love. Many people think that Italian, italiano, is the language of love, la lingua d'amore. Well, let's see how you say I love you in italiano.

Two Ways to Say I Love You in Italian

First of all, the verb amare is to love, and also love itself is amore. So amore is love and amare is the word to love. Now, to say I love you there are two very, very distinct ways to say I love you. Whereas in English it's I love you and then I love my mom, I love my car, I love my job, I love ice cream, I love my dog. Not in Italian, not in Italian.

I Love You in Italian Isn't Always Romantic

Ti amo is I love you for a romantic partner, the serious stuff, the big L. For everybody else; your family, your friends, your children, it's ti voglio bene. Ti voglio bene, which would also translate to I love you, but it's more like if you were to do a literal translation, I want well for you or I care about you. So how would you say I love ice cream? Well, you would say il gelato mi piace tanto, meaning ice cream pleases me very much. So there are other variations of ti voglio bene. Now, if you wanted to say I really, really care about you, you would say ti voglio tanto bene, ti voglio tanto bene, which you can call I love you very much, or I really, really care about you.

Abbreviate I Love You in Italian

Now, a little interesting side note that you can take away with you. There is an abbreviation that Italian people use for text messages or Facebook messages for ti voglio bene. And it's T V B. T V B, ti voglio bene. Now if you wanted to up the ante a little bit. You want to say ti voglia tanto bene, you text message abbreviation would be T V T B. So you can use these in your text messages. You can use these in your Facebook messages.

And that's how you say I love you in Italian. Have fun.

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