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Video:Overview of Angry Birds iPhone App

with Christian Bryant

Want to learn more about Angry Birds, one of the most popular iOS gaming apps of all time? This video from About.com explores the incredibly popular app, and shows you alternate versions of this wildly addictive game.See Transcript

Transcript:Overview of Angry Birds iPhone App

Hi, I'm Christian Bryant for About.com, and today, we're profiling one of the hottest gaming apps ever, Angry Birds. The Angry Birds concept and game, from Rovio, is pretty basic. 

Angry Birds Overview

The basic idea is to take your birds and bomb as many of the pigs as possible. At each level, there are obstacles, literally, to overcome in order to achieve your objective.

Now, the game will give you clues. First it will lay out the object you're trying to tear down. And you'll get a choice on the number of birds to use.  Fair warning. 

Different birds achieve different objectives. Some birds are heavy. Some light. Some explode into multiples. Some have undisclosed hidden powers. You'll need to understand the arsenal of birds and how to use them to achieve your objectives.

Also, understand different building materials require different strategies to penetrate. Boards are easy enough. Concrete can be a little hard. Slabs, harder yet. That's where things like dynamite, in boxes entitled TNT, can come in handy.

How to Win Angry Birds

Kill all the pigs, and you'll achieve at least one star, and be cleared to move on to the next level. But there are other criteria by which you are judged and rewarded. For example, your score can depend on how long it took you to achieve the goal and how many birds you had to use to do so. For every unused bird, you get a 10,000 point bonus.

But if you don't take the proper approach, you'll fail the level and have to try again.

And if you fail repeatedly, Angry Birds is there to help, sometimes with a cost. Stuck on a tricky level? You can purchase a Mighty Eagle to carry you where you need to go, new in the fall of 2012.

Angry Birds, Alternative Versions

Angry birds has become so popular, there are different seasons. During the end of year, there's a Christmas holiday version. There's also a Halloween version. That way, you're festively battling your way through the Angry Bird maze. There's even an Angry Birds Star Wars Version. 

Angry birds comes in both free and pay-for app versions. The pay-for apps cost 99 cents.

And that's a look at the Angry Birds app. For more information, be sure to check out About.com.

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