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Video:What is iCloud?

with Dimitri LaBarge

iCloud is an Apple program that can make your hectic life much easier by syncing your iPhone, iPad, and laptop and storing data remotely. Learn how to use this time-saving technology in this how-to video from About.comSee Transcript

Transcript:What is iCloud?

Hi! This is Dimitri LaBarge for About.com. Today, we're going to talk about what is iCloud.

Cloud Computing and Syncing and Storing Data Remotely

iCloud is Apple's version of cloud computing. It began with Apple iOS version 5. The cloud is the main hub that stores your data. Everything revolves around that. Your PC is a device. Your iPad is a device. Your iPhone is a device. And they're all perfectly synced up by iCloud - it's the center of your data. In theory, it's a way more reliable way to access data.

Now let's say that in the iPad version of Pages that you put together in a document. Any changes that you make in that document will show up perfectly in the iPhone version of Pages. They are completely synced. You never have to worry about being on different versions.

iCloud Allows Your to Back Up Your Devices Remotely

A great feature of iCloud is the ability to be able to back up your iPad or your iPhone. You can back up your applications. You can back up your books and other documents. Because you can back up remotely, one of the great new features of iOS is that you no longer have to have your iPad tethered to your computer - which was not true in the past. It makes the iPad a truly independent device. You can retrieve all your apps from the cloud; you can back up all your apps to the cloud. Your iPad will always be the same.

How iTunes Match Works

One of the great features of iCloud is iTunes Match. With iTunes Match iCloud becomes the cetnral hub for managing your music. iTunes will scan your system, and if it finds a track it knows in the iCloud database, you don't have to upload it - it will make it automatically available to you - in a higher quality version.

This can be a huge time saver because you don't have to send up hundreds of gigabytes of files. That can take weeks or even months. And like other files, all those music files are available across all your devices. Again, perfectly synced. If Apple doesn't host that track but does recognize the title it will offer you the chance to upload that track to the iCloud servers. Either way your music is hosted remotely on iCloud.

How Photostream Works

Likewise, Photostream will sync photos between all your iOS devices. For example, if you've taken a photo within the last thirty days on your iPhone, it will be available to sync on your iPad.

How iCloud.com Works

Because of the remote nature of iCloud, many of these functions are available on the web on iCloud.com. Mail, contacts, iWork documents - these can all be accessible through iCloud.com (as well as your iPad and iPhone).

Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at About.com.


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