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Video:What are the Best Types of iPad Accessories?

with Kyle Lilienthal

The iPad itself is amazing piece of technology, but learn about the accessories available to enhance the iPad's user experience in this About.com video.See Transcript

Transcript:What are the Best Types of iPad Accessories?

Hi I’m Kyle Lilienthal, contributor for about.com and today I’m going to talk about iPad accessories.

Speaker Systems for the iPad

First we have the Speaker systems. Shown here in both a dock and a Bluetooth-powered speaker set, speakers are essential for improving your iPad enjoyment. The built-in speaker on your iPad is a fine one but not nearly capable of the high-quality sound than an external speaker system is capable of.

Choosing which speaker system is best for you depends on your needs. Some, like the one shown here, can also hold, charge, and reorient the iPad for video viewing. Simpler, non-wired speakers like this one here doesn’t wire to your iPad, making it more portable but also doesn’t give you the benefit of having a secondary power source, nor does it enhance video viewing.

Headphone Options for the iPad

Next, we have headphones, which is an essential accessory for any iPad owner. While these might look like the provided headphones that come with an iPhone or iPod, they’re not. They’re an aftermarket pair that closely resembles the stock units. What I like about these is their ability to get a tight but comfortable fit in the inner ear thanks to the soft rubber fittings. This snug fit allows for exceptional bass tones, virtually negating most complaints listeners have to ear bud headphones.

Cases for the iPad

Lastly, we have cases. Cases are a smart investment for any iPad owner. Cases and covers cover the screen when not in use, protecting it from scratches or other damage. Some cases, like the one shown here, actually can be folded to allow for easier screen viewing or screen typing on a table or other flat surface.

While some cases utilize non-harmful magnets to attach, like the one shown here. Others simple attach by having a tight fit around the iPad itself. While these covers and cases do add to the size, heft, and bulk of the iPad, which is a detractor for some customers, what they add in size they easily make up for in additional protection for your investment.

Those are just a few of the best accessories for iPad. If you’d like to learn more, find us on the web at about.com.

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