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Video:How to Use the iPad to Accept Credit Cards For Your Business

with Pamela French

Using your iPad to accept credit cards is easy, safe, and lets you stay organized. In this About.com video, learn what Square Register is, so you can keep your business on track.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use the iPad to Accept Credit Cards For Your Business

Hi, I'm Pamela French with About.com and today I'm going to show you how to use your ipad to accept credit cards for you business.

To accept credit cards with your iPad there are several options.

Overview of How to Use iPad to Accept Credit Cards

Even now a credit card terminal app, that comes with the latest ipad operating system. Just about all of apps have service charges, and different plans for your business. For example some charge a percentage each transaction and others offer unlimited transactions for a monthly service fee.

Some even come with free credit card readers, and charge less per transaction when you actually swipe the card. One business owner I met, Kate McGregor, showed me how she uses Square Register, for her business.

Use Square Register to Accept Credit Cards on iPad

Square recently launched a square register app for your ipad. The great thing about square is that you can import all of your inventory into their item library and they're very transparent and you can also run reports about inventory, item sales, any kind of log, customer information, it's very helpful. The square is very simple to use, all you need to do is highlight the item that you are charging, highlight charge, and then once your credit card reader is installed you just swipe the card, it authorizes, approves and asks the customer for their signature.

Like Kate showed us, accepting credit cards on your ipad is now easier than ever, and a great addition to any business.

Thank you for watching. If you liked to learn more about how to use your ipad to accept credit cards for your business, please visit About.com.



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