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Video:How to Turn Off the Sound on an iPad

with Noah Stevralia

The sound on an iPad can be controlled with different settings depending on your preferences. Watch this video from to learn how to turn off the sound on an iPad and other controls.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Turn Off the Sound on an iPad

Hi my name is Noah and I am the iPad specialist at left-click in Northampton Massachusetts. In this video, I will be talking about changing the volume on your iPad.

Control the Sound with the iPad Buttons

The most immediately obvious way to adjust the volume is actually the volume buttons which are located on the bottom. These go up, down and this is configurable mute switch or orientation hold. But this in general this is the easiest way to adjust volumes all the time and you can also adjust the volume in the preferences sounds. So this is for the ring tone and alerts and new mail and that sort of thing.

Sound Settings on the iPad

Currently and by default it is set to not be configurable or not changeable by the buttons because you might want to change the volume of like a video or something, a TV show that you are watching without changing the volume of your alerts.

The other thing in settings is you can change what your side switch does. By default it is set to lock rotation which means that when you turn it, it doesn’t change the rotation of the screen, I personally have it set to mute so that I can quickly mute my iPad instead of you know toggling all the way down.

Finding Volume Controls on the iPad

Four finger swipe up will bring a list of applications, if you swipe again to the right you got this screen which just shows you, its got your brightness control, it shows you what audio is currently playing and also has a volume slider there, other than that most Apps for which volume is relevant have their own volume control, right there, if – this video game here and if it goes away you just hit the screen and you can change the volume, there.

So it is important if you are not getting proper sound to make sure that you don’t cover the speaker grill here, it is in the bottom right on the back, so most people’s hands actually do fall pretty directly in front of it and it does actually make a huge difference.

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