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Video:How to Take Pictures Using an iPad

with Pamela French

Taking pictures with an iPad is easier than ever now that there are two different cameras on each iPad. This iPad video will show you how to take pictures using an iPad.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Take Pictures Using an iPad

Hi, I'm Pamela French for, and today I'm going to show you how to take pictures using an iPad.

The most recent iPads come with both front and rear facing cameras that take both still photos and videos.

Steps for Taking Pictures With an iPad

To take a photo, make sure the Camera/Video switch is set to the still camera icon. Once you get the camera adjusted, you can tap on the screen to focus and get your exposure. You can squeeze the picture to go in and out. It may feel a little weird positioning your hands and composing an image, but after a few times you'll get used to it. Also, your subject may not know where to look, so be aware of where his or her eye-line is.

Other Ways to Take Pictures

You can also take a photo by pressing the volume up button, and there's also a front camera for FaceTime and self-portraits. Now point, aim, and tap the camera icon and, voilà, there you have a beautiful photo.

Shoot Video With an iPad

To take a video, slide the Camera/Video switch to the video camera icon, then tap to start or stop recording, or press the volume up button.

Both the still and video images will be save in your picture library.

Ah, isn't she adorable?

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