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Video:How to Shut Down an iPad

with Jor-EL Garcia

Turning off an iPad can be tricky if you've missed the instructions in your eagerness to use your new gadget. This video from will show you how to shut down both a properly working and unresponsive iPad.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Shut Down an iPad

Hello, my name is Jor-El and I troubleshoot electronic devices for a living. We all know that it can be pretty exciting to be the owner of a new iPad, the possibilities are endless! Because of this, we often rush straight into the content of the iPad without first learning how to properly use and troubleshoot the device. Today, we will go over some tips to help make sure you and your iPad get along better.

Shutting Down Your iPad

As surprising as it may seem, I get a lot of customers clients who may not have been taught how to do this. It's quite simple really.

Locating the Off Button

First, locate the lock button on the upper right hand side of the iPad (regardless of model) and hold it down for several seconds until you are prompted to "Slide to Power Off."

Powering Off

After doing this, a circle of dashes will appear and your device will power off. To turn it back on, simply hold this same button again for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears.

Shutting Off an Unresponsive iPad

If you find your iPad is ever unresponsive or frozen, simply hold this lock button and the Home button until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears; this means you have successfully restarted your device.

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