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Video:How to Set Up FaceTime on an iPad

with Jesse Mendelson

FaceTime on an iPad allows you to video chat with your contacts over WiFi. Watch this how-to video from to set up FaceTime on an iPad so you can see, hear and reconnect to friends and family.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Up FaceTime on an iPad

Hi. This is Jesse with In this video I’m going to show you how to set up FaceTime on an iPad.

FaceTime Requires WiFi and an Apple ID

To use FaceTime on the iPad you will need to be connected to the internet over WiFi. Facetime will not work using 3g or 4g. You will also need an Apple ID. You may already have one, if you’ve purchased something on iTunes or in the App Store before, but if not you can get one at To set up your apple ID with FaceTime go to the settings icon, then FaceTime. If you are set to off, slide to on and if your Apple ID is not already entered, enter it now along with your password.

Using FaceTime with iPad Contacts

When I’m done with that step I simply launch the FaceTime application. The first time you launch FaceTime you may be asked to verify which email address people should contact you at. Once you hit next, your FaceTime is now set up. To the right you will see a list of your contacts. To add a contact, click on the plus symbol and enter your contacts first and last name and the email associated with their FaceTime account. The rest of the information is optional.

To make a call, click on the contact you’d like to call, and then click on their email address. Wait for them to accept the call and then you can begin video chatting. If they are not available you have the option of calling them back later. And that’s how easy it is to set-up Facetime on an iPad.

Check the iPad Settings and Apple ID to Use FaceTime

Remember, you may have trouble if you are trying to call someone without an apple device or without an apple ID. So make sure you confirm that info ahead of time. You also need to remember that you both have to be connected to WiFi. If you are trying to use 3g or 4g mobile internet, it will not work. If you’re still not sure why your FaceTime isn’t working you can go back into settings, turn FaceTime off and then turn it on again. You can also try verifying that the time and date are set up correctly by going to settings, general, date and time. If all else fails, restart your iPad and it should work the next time it boots up.

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