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Video:How to Keep an iPad From Rotating

with Jesse Mendelson

The rotating iPad screen is a great feature, but sometimes you may want it locked. Watch this how-to video from to learn different settings that will keep an iPad from rotating and lock the screen's orientation how you want it.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Keep an iPad From Rotating

Hi, this is Jesse with In this video I’m going to show you how to keep your iPad screen from rotating.

Lock the iPad Screen's Orientation

A nice function of the iPad is that you can simply turn the device to easily switch the screen between landscape and portrait modes. However, sometimes it can be frustrating to have the iPad rotate. The screen may rotate when you didn’t intend for it to do so, for example, if you are in the middle of watching a movie or typing an email. So you may want to lock the iPad orientation and prevent it from moving. This is done using a small black circular switch on the side of the iPad, above the volume keys. However, this switch has the ability to function as a mute button as well, so you need to make sure it is set up for lock rotation if that is your goal.

Set the Side Switch to Lock Rotation

To do this you go to settings and then general. Towards the bottom of the screen there is a heading that says -"use side switch to' - with two options. lock rotation or mute. if you click on lock rotation, so that the check mark appears next to it, and then move the black switch on the switch down, you will see an icon appear in the status bar to the left of the battery power symbol at the top of the screen, indicating that your screen is now locked in either portrait or landscape mode. You can turn this switch off and on as you please to get your desired locked orientation. Once you have your screen locked, you can also change the side switch command back to mute and as long as the icon remains at the top right of the screen, your screen is still locked.

Using the Home Key to Stop Rotating

A different tip for locking or unlocking iPad rotation if the side switch is set to mute is to double click your home button. You will see recently used apps - swipe left to right and you will see the lock icon. You can tape the rotation lock icon to lock or unlock here as well.If you think your screen rotation should be locked and yet keeps moving, make sure to check for the lock icon in the status bar. If it’s not there, your screen was not actually locked. You can also flip the side switch back and forth to ascertain the rotation lock setting. You should always be on the home screen to verify these settings as not all applications allow for screen rotation.

If you’ve tried these steps and you still think the rotation lock isn’t working you should restart your iPad by holding down the sleep button at the top right of the iPad until it gives you the slide to power off screen. Thanks for watching this video on keeping your iPad screen from rotating.

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