How to Attach a Keyboard to an iPad Video
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Video:How to Attach a Keyboard to an iPad

with Jesse Mendelson

Attaching a keyboard to an iPad can make typing a lot easier. In this how-to video from, you can learn how to adjust the settings on your iPad so that you can connect a keyboard and start typing away.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Attach a Keyboard to an iPad

Hey there. This is Jesse with Today I’m going to show you how to set up a keyboard with an iPad.

Attaching a Keyboard Allows Easier Typing

One of the major drawbacks of tablets is the touchscreen keyboard, which is not enjoyable for most people that are trying to type emails longer than a sentence or two. However, the ability to attach a separate keyboard to the iPad helps solve that problem for anyone who wants or needs to type on the iPad with more ease.

Adjust the iPad Settings to Connect a Keyboard

This is Apple’s wireless keyboard. To turn it on, press the power button on the side. You’ll see a green light come on there. Then you need to make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your iPad and discover the keyboard. On my iPad I want to go to the settings icon, then I want to go to general, and then I want to go to Bluetooth and make sure your slider is set to on.  You can also confirm that Bluetooth is on in the status bar.  You will see the Bluetooth symbol in the top right status bar in grey if Bluetooth is on.

When you see your device listed - mine is here, Apple Wireless Keyboard, you click on it. The Apple Wireless Keyboard is asking me to enter a PIN code on the keyboard. And now my keyboard is connected to my iPad.  To stop using the keyboard simply turn it off or turn off Bluetooth in the iPad Bluetooth general settings.

Stay in Range for the Keyboard to Connect to the iPad

If you having trouble getting your wireless keyboard to connect make sure it is within the connection range. For many Bluetooth accessories this range is 30 feet or less. If there is already a paired record of the keyboard by the iPad, but it’s not connecting, you can try deleting it and having iPad discover it anew by clicking: forget this device. If none of this is working, you should make sure that your keyboard and iPad software are up to date, that the keyboard has batteries and is charged and of course you can always try restarting both devices. Thanks for watching. For more info visit

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