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Video:Who Is Garrett Morgan?

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Want to learn about Garrett Morgan and what he invented? Here, see lots of interesting information about Garrett Morgan.See Transcript

Transcript:Who Is Garrett Morgan?

Garrett Morgan was an inventor and businessman from Cleveland who is best known for inventing a device called the Morgan safety hood and smoke protector in 1914.

Biography of Garrett Morgan

The son of former slaves, Garrett Morgan was born in Paris, Kentucky on March 4, 1877. In 1895, Morgan moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he went to work as a sewing machine repair man for a clothing manufacturer. In 1907, the inventor opened his own sewing equipment and repair shop. In 1909, he expanded the enterprise to include a tailoring shop that employed 32 employees. The new company turned out coats, suits and dresses, all sewn with equipment that Garrett Morgan himself had made.

More Information About Garrett Morgan

On July 25, 1916, Garrett Morgan made national news for using his gas mask to rescue 32 men trapped during an explosion in an underground tunnel 250 feet beneath Lake Erie. After the rescue, Morgan's company received requests from fire departments around the country who wished to purchase the new masks. The Morgan gas mask was later refined for use by U.S. Army during World War I. In 1914, Garrett Morgan was awarded a patent for a Safety Hood and Smoke Protector. Two years later, a refined model of his early gas mask won a gold medal at the International Exposition of Sanitation and Safety, and another gold medal from the.

Facts About Garrett Morgan

After witnessing a collision between an automobile and a horse-drawn carriage, Garrett Morgan took his turn at inventing a traffic signal.Garrett Morgan was one of the first to apply for and acquire a U.S. patent to produce a traffic signal. The patent was granted on Nov. 20, 1923. Garrett Morgan also had his invention patented in Great Britain and Canada. The Morgan traffic signal was a T-shaped pole unit that featured three positions: Stop, Go and an all-directional stop position. This "third position" halted traffic in all directions to allow pedestrians to cross streets more safely.Garrett Morgan died on August 27, 1963, at the age of 86.

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