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Video:Tips for Interviewing for an Internship

with Mat Bussler

Interviewing for an internship can be especially scary because it's more than likely one of your first times to be interviewed. Get some professional tips to wow your interviewers in this video from Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Interviewing for an Internship

Hi, this is Mat Bussler for, and today we're going to talk about tips for interviewing for an internship.

Dress Professionally

Look like you already have the job when you go in for an interview. Don't go casual. If it's a business environment, assume that you'll go in wearing a crisp business suit. Interviews are where you burn in your first impression - that you're sharp and ready to work, or that you didn't care enough.

Be Relaxed and Confident

Don't be fidgety; be relaxed and confident. Look people straight in the eye. It's a high pressure situation, but you don't want to wear the pressure. The potential employer may ask about your skills and work history. Of course, you want to discuss relevant work history, but specific training and internships are great things to emphasize as well. Do research on this company beforehand, so you can know what skills to emphasize when asked. It'll help avoid stress, too.

Many companies today - especially those in the tech industry - do behavioral interviewing. This appears in questions like, if such-and-such happened, what would you do? In today's business world, there may be more than one answer to a problem, and companies are interested in breaking down your thought process.

Brevity is Your Best Friend

Answer questions briskly and don't linger, but make sure you didn't avoid or skirt around any part of the interviewer's question. They may ask about your most positive and negative qualities. They may ask why you left your last job. Be honest. Show how you've turned negatives into an opportunity to enhance your skills.

Maintain that confident attitude when finishing your interview, and be sure to follow-up with a thank you e-mail, or better yet, a thank you note. If you follow up, the better the chance that you'll cement a good impression with your interviewers.

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