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Video:How to Use a Job Fair to Find Internships

with Eva

Finding an internship can be an easy endeavor if you attend a job fair. In this video, learn how to search for job fairs, and approach recruiters for internship opportunities.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use a Job Fair to Find Internships

Hi, I'm Eva for  Today I am going to be providing some tips on how to use a job fair to get an internship. 

Getting an internship is an excellent way to gain work experience, make important career connections, and build your skill sets.  Here are some tips that will help you be successful in your search. 

Before Attending a Job Fair, Update Your Resume

Before you attend a job fair, make sure you have an updated resume in hand that you can provide to your prospective employer. Offering your resume to a recruiter shows them that you are prepared, organized, and serious about your internship search. In addition, the recruiter may jot down notes about you on your resume while you are talking, or use your resume to build conversation.  

Dress for Success for a Job Fair

Ensure that you look professional. Business casual is always a safe way to dress.  It is important that your professionalism is reflected in your attire.

Research Different Job Fairs

If your job fair is on a college campus the college website should provide information about the companies that will be present.  It is to your great advantage to review this information in advance.  Not only will you learn what companies in attendance you are interested in, but it will also give you a little time to research the company itself and gain some insight and background knowledge before you meet the recruiters in person.   At the Job FairOnce you are dressed, prepared, and with resume in hand, you are ready to visit the job fair.  

Approach Recruiters

Walk up to a company or organization you are interested in. Depending on how many people are crowded around a table, it may take awhile before you can get one-on-one conversation time with a recruiter, but it is incredibly important that you wait for this.  Once you have one's attention, ask them what opportunities are available at their company.  Tell them a little about yourself, your skills, and your strengths.  If they seem interested, offer them your resume and continue the conversation.  At the end of a successful conversation, ask them what your next steps should be, and ask for their personal business card (although if they like you they will often offer it to you first).  Thank them for their time, and let them know you will be in touch.  

Once the job fair is over and you have returned home, draft a few emails to the companies that had the internships and opportunities that appealed most to you. Thank them again for their time at the job fair, and restate your interest. If you have been asked to complete any forms or applications online, make sure you complete them promptly. If the business or organization is having an additional information night, make sure you attend, and be prepared to ask questions. The best way to guarantee getting the internship you desire is to make a good and lasting impression. You want to stand out amongst your competition, and being prepared, professional, and personable will help you reach your goal. 

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