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Video:How to Wallpaper Around a Window

with Debbie Anderson

Once you get the technique down, wallpapering can be quite easy - but beware of windows and other awkward spaces. See some tips on putting wallpaper up around window areas.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Wallpaper Around a Window

Hi! Im Debbie Anderson for About.com Home! Wallpapering is a lot of fun! However, sometimes its a bit tricky to wallpaper around windows, so today Im going to show you how to wallpaper around a window.

Wallpaper Supplies

For this project, you will need a large sheet of plastic, prepasted wallpaper, a measuring tape, a straight edge, a pencil, a clean sponge, a water tray, a light non-abrasive liquid cleaner, a few clean dry clothes, multiple razor blades, and a wallpaper sweep.

Prepare the Work Area

After preparing the work area with a large sheet of plastic, cleaning the wall surface, and wallpapering the wall up to the point where the next strip is now going to make contact with the windows edge; use your measuring tape to determine the distance between the Vertical Edge of the window and Vertical Edge of the previous strip of wallpaper.

Measure and Cut the Wallpaper

Next, measure the distance from the ceiling to the closest horizontal edge of the window. Holding your wallpaper to the wall, mark the wallpaper with a pencil where you want the pattern to begin near the ceiling. Using a sharp razor and straight edge, cut the paper to the desired length, making sure to leave an extra 2-inches at the top and bottom of the wallpaper strip for a custom fit later.

Once the piece of wallpaper has been cut to the desired length, now we can make a second cut for where the window is located on the wallpaper strip.

Measure the wallpaper from the edge of the wallpaper strip where it meets the previous strip of wallpaper, to 2-inches past your first measurement. Make a mark about every 10-inches along the pasted side of your wallpaper.

Using a pencil and a straight edge, draw a solid line to connect all of the marks.

Next, make a mark from the TOP of the wallpaper strip to 4-inches past the second measurement taken and mark the pasted side of the wallpaper about every 10-inches. Using a pencil and a straight edge, draw a solid line to connect all of the marks. Cut along the lines with a sharp razor blade and a straight edge to remove the excess wallpaper from the strip.

Wet the Wallpaper

Slowly slide the sheet of wallpaper through the water tray until the entire strip of paper is wet.

Book the Wallpaper

Allow the wallpaper to Book for 3 to 5 minutes.

Put Up the Wallpaper

Carefully, tack the corners of the wallpaper to the wall near the ceiling while making sure to butt the vertical edge of the strip right up next to the previous strip of wallpaper. Using your wallpaper sweep, smooth out the entire strip, working diagonally from the top downward, and from the center of the paper to the outer edges to force out any air bubbles. Continue this process until the wallpaper is lying perfectly straight and flat on the wall.

Repeat this measuring and wallpapering process for all remaining strips of wallpaper until you have wallpapered around the window.

Trim the Wallpaper

For a clean finish, use a sharp razor blade to remove any excess wallpaper around the edges of the window and at the top and bottom of each wallpaper strip. Allow the wallpaper to dry for 24-hours.

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